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Friday, August 08, 2003

Moving Pictures!

We managed to place a Reporter near Holy Wood who will bring us the lowdown of the latest ideas floating around those hills!

Phone Booth
In the latest Joel Schuhmacher film Colin Farrell starrs as Stu Shepard a guy working in Public Relations who mainly uses lies and deceit to get things done. After calling a client from a phone booth, the phone rings and Stu answers to what he believes to be a prank call. But the caller first reveals an immense knowledge of Stu's wrongdoings and then, when Stu tries to leave the booth, that he has him pinned down with a sniper rifle. After the death of a man by the booth the police arrive and hold Stu responsible, while the caller continues with his game.

Phone Booth has a very fast pace and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. Although the main action takes place in the phone booth, the good use of some split screens keeps you up-to-date what is happening elsewhere. The highlights of the movie are surely Colin Farrell, who plays the desperate Stu very convincing, and the caller, who shows very convincing voice acting. Overall a very convincing movie, which I can highly recommend.

Coming Soon: The travel reports of our Reporter, who is going to Thailand (near FourEcks).

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