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Friday, August 15, 2003

Rock Oz'Arènes

The 'Rock Oz'Arènes' Open air was held in the beautiful old city of Avenches. There were several stalls between the main stage and the second stage who sold different things from clothes to food.
The first band we saw was 'Tasteless', a local band who played a mixture of Pop-Rock and Metal.
The first band to play on the main stage, which was located in an old roman amphitheatre, was 'Granddaddy' from California. Their pop songs had some quite recognizable tunes.
Next on the main stage was 'Beck', a very versatile musician, no two songs sounded alike. The crowd broke into thunderous applause after he left the stage calling for an encore, which was promptly granted. The Band returned in white suits completely covered in lights. Their final song was a Medley from last years hits, starting with Hip-Hop ('It's hot in here') to Pop ('They're not gonna get us').
Then 'Placebo' came on stage, the reason why we made this trip, and they played a great set, which was accompanied by a fabulous light show. They started with a few of the harder songs (the Intro from their new album 'Sleeping with the Ghosts', 'Every Me, Every You' and 'The Bitter End'), went on to some of the more slower ones ('English Summer Rain', 'Plasticine, ...), to finish with 2 of their older songs. The crowd danced and clapped like mad. After 75 minutes the Band was bid goodbye by a standing ovation from the audience.
The trip was well worth it and I'm anxious to see what great bands will play in Avenches next year.

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