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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Nice Diving

After a 1 week break, I was very happy to finally get back into the water.
1. Dive: Phi Ley Bay. Saw only the usual stuff: Lionfish, Porcupine Fish, Pufferfish, young triggerfish and a big Potato Grouper.
2. Dive: Bida Nay. This one was awesome, we saw a Banded Seasnake, a Leopard Shark (who was sleeping), a Blue-Spotted Stingray, a Scorpionfish, a Hawksbill Turtle, an Indian Triggerfish, and at the very end, a Tiger-Tailed Seahorse!
Since I was still suffering from Scuba Diving withdrawal ;-), I decided to do another Dive today.
3. Dive (Night): Ton Say Bay: We went to the Dive site by longtail boat, which was a first for me.
It was really dark down there and we swam, by mistake, into the entrance of a small cave, fortunately the current was friendly, and we got out again. We saw 2 Great Baracudas, a big Batfish, some Glass Shrimp and a Hermit Crab. By chance I found a Bearded Scorpionfish, I was swimming directly above him.
Afterwards I went to the Hippie's Bar, where I met a couple of friends and we watched a fantastic Fire Show.

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