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Friday, September 26, 2003

Diving, what else...

And another day dedicated to diving...
1st Dive: South-West Pinnacle. We wanted to go deep (38 or 39m) but unfortunately the viz was too bad and we stopped at 30m... The strangest thing happened, my depth gage got nitrogen narcosis, it wouldn't show any greater depth than 15m... :-)
I saw a couple of triggerfish (again...), a moray eel and a giant trouper.
2nd Dive: Shark Island (finally!). Unfortunately we didn't see the resident turtle, but we saw a triggerfish, while it was digging for something, looked really cool... Near the surface we saw dozens of small jellyfish.
3rd Dive (Night): White Rock. We saw a huge jenkins ray (~1m) and another hermit crab.

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