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Monday, September 08, 2003

Shopping frenzy in Bangkok

I took a commuter train back to Bangkok the next morning, where I first arranged for my onwards journey south.
First I visited the Chatujak Weekend Market, which is huge! You can find anything there (clothing, 2nd hand books, souvenirs, live animals (snakes, dogs, squirrels, chickens and mostly fish), Music, Movies, Food, Antiquities, Plants, Food and so forth), I spent almost 4 hours wandering through the different parts, and I haven't seen half of the stalls.
Next I went to Phantip Plaza where dozens of stalls/shops sold DVD's, MP3-CD's, Computers, Games and Software. After every purchase I had to wait between 5 and 20 minutes. Because the police did some rigorous raids lately, the merchandise is kept safe away from the shopping complex, and only what was sold is brought by a messenger.
My next stop was Patpong, where I found Radio City after a 15 min search. Since the band hadn't started yet I strolled through the various stalls. At the end of the day I had spent quite a bit of money on T-Shirts, Movies and Music...
Returning to Radio City around 9 thirtyish, I stayed there for a couple of hours. The band was very good, they played New and Old Pop- and Rock-Hits.

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