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Monday, September 08, 2003

Mountain Trekking

Next we did a 2days/1night guided Mountain Trekking. The path led us through the midst of the Jungle, through rice fields and through thicket for 4 1/2 hours, going up- and downhill all the time . The first day had very nice weather and we could see quite far. Overnight we spent next to a waterfall in a simple tent (built with bamboo sticks covered with plastic and banana leaves) without any 'modern' facilities. Just after we reached our sleeping quarters it started to rain heavily, which meant that the trails, which where very slippery to begin with, would get even more tricky. On our way back there was quite a bit of mist, clouds and rains, which gave the sourroundings a very poetic atmosphere. After 3 1/2 tough hours we were glad to get back to the Bamboo Huts where a very traditional lunch (sticky rice, with beef) awaited us.

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