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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Bangkok and the Movies

On Friday I spent my day wandering through Chinatowns Markets. I was amazed at what you can buy there. There were dozens of shops right next to each other selling shoes and nothing but shoes...
After a nice Indian Dinner I continued to Siam Square, the main (luxury) shopping district of Bangkok, unfortunately I didn't realise that it was Rush-Hour...
On the 6 floor in the Siam Discovery Center (a 6-storey shopping centre) was a cinema. Since I had a few hours to spare I decided to watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. I loved this movie. Since I liked the cinema and it was only eleven o'clock I decided to watch another movie. So I saw 'Bad Boys II', another good movie, but not as great as 'Pirates'.
An interesting fact is, that before the movie is shown, the Thai National Anthem is played and everyone stands up.
This time I had no problems finding a cab back, because I carried the address of the Hostel in Thai-script with me.

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