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Thursday, August 21, 2003


I arrived this morning at 05.40 Thailand time after a 10 hour flight in Bangkok. I've had quite a few adventures so far. Bangkok is a very interesting city but also quite hectic, I can understand the travellers who want to get out of Bangkok as soon as possible or don't stay here at all. I'll stay 2 days before continuing North to Ayuttayah. So far I've visited Wat Pho, with the famous reclining Buddha, and the King's Palace. The weather was nice until 4pm when it started to rain quite heavily, and just stopped an hour ago, now I know why it's called the rainy season ;-).
Before I found my way back in the evening I was wandering a little lost through Bangkok, no Taxi or Tuk-Tuk Driver knew where the 'International Youth Hostel' is (that's where I'm staying), I finally managed to get 'home' by using a detour through Khaosan Road. Tomorrow I plan to visit Bangkok's Chinatown and Radio City, scince Prisca insisted that I shouldn't miss it ;-). That's it for now because I'm very tired, didn't sleep much during the flight... to be continued.

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