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Friday, September 05, 2003

Going North

Whilst I took the bus, which looked like it would fall apart very soon, north to Pua, Sergio followed me on his Scooter. To our disappointment we discovered, that there was nothing of interest in Pua, so we decided to go further Northeast to the National Park, which had a nice place to stay. So 2 guys with 2 big backpacks rode 1 small Scooter. After we asked for the way four times, we finally found the correct road. Soon it started to climb and although the Scooter had its problems, we arrived safe and sound. I'd like to say a few words on the view which was absolutely fantastic. Hills as far as you can see, a few of them are covered in rice fields, the rest arboreus.
The next 2 nights we spent there in the Bamboo Huts. On the first day we did some trekking on our own, but mostly we just relaxed and enjoyed the views.

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