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Friday, September 19, 2003

Advanced Open Water Course

Finished the Advanced Open Water Course today.
After a short theory session we did our first 2 dives. The first one was a 'Underwater Naturalist' dive, where we paid attention to specific fishes and plants. The second dive was a 'Navigation' dive, where we swam a square and a triangle using the compass. Whilst descending we saw a squid with a really long tail. In the evening we did the 'Night Dive', which was really cool, everything looked so different from the day, I had the feeling, that the ocean is much bigger at night. We saw a couple of 'Bluespotted Manta Rays', a Crab and others, unfortunately we didn't see the big baracuda or the turtle, which were supposed to be around.
Today we first did the 'Deep Dive', where we descended to 30m (on previous dives the maximum depth was ~18m), and I got a really bad case of nitrogen narcosis, I was giggling like mad at nothing :-), but as soon as we got to shallower water I was okay again. Our last dive was a 'Multi-Level' dive, where we first descended to 24m and then gradually went to shallower water. There we saw dozens of 'Trigger Fishs', it was kind of scary, I didn't really know how to find a safe passage, but our instructor led us through there without problems. Later on we swam through some caves, which were quite tight.
I'm looking forward to more diving adventures...

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