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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Rock am See

Visited the Rock am See Openair Festival. The weather was perfect, almost too hot. The atmosphere and the bands were first class. The only minor problems occurred at the border, which we crossed on foot, the customs officer decided that we looked too suspicious and controlled us, it seemed that he had especially something against me, he asked me the most questions... but since I'm such a nice person he had to let me pass ;-) .

We almost missed the first band "Strung Out", but it wasn't that special, same with "Everlast" who followed. Then came the first highlight: "Papa Roach", they played a great set including a few songs from their forthcoming third album.
Next was "The Beatsteaks", during who's performance we relaxed a bit.
Then came "Sportfreunde Stiller" another act I was looking forward to, since I didn't manage to get a ticket for their show in Spring...
"Velvet Revolver" was surprisingly good, I haven't heard a lot of them before, but they looked a bit like a mixture of Metallica and the Village People on stage :-) .
Last came "Die Ärzte", they played for 2.25 hours, it was an incredible set and the crowd was going mad.
At the end I was extremely tired but extremely glad to have attended. Just before I left I went back to one of the stalls to buy the new album of Papa Roach, which only hits the stores on Tuesday.

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