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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Christian von Aster's Readings - Part 1

On Friday was the first reading of Christian von Aster's current "Tour de Suisse". It took place in the Herzbaracke at the Bellevue in Z├╝rich. The Herzbaracke is a fantastic location, it is a small houseboat decorated with dozens of things, which on its own would be kitsch, but together it leaves the feeling of having entered a world of fairy-tales. The audience was completely different from Christian's prior readings. A lot of older people were present. The reading, fortunately, was sold out and very well received. Inspired by the surroundings Christian included a couple of fairy stories, whilst his main focus lay on time-critical satire. Some people were smiling discretely, whilst others laughed out loud. I'm curious how the reading on Wednesday will work...

On Sunday, Christian was guest in Burgdorf, where he read the second part of his fairy-tale "Der Harem, der verschleierten Geschichten". The reading was accompanied by a fine meal, and each chapter was followed by a new course. The meal was delicious and the story mesmerizing, even though I had already read it a couple of months ago. The room was lit only by candle-light which emphasized the special mood of the evening perfectly. However, I had to leave early and missed the last too chapters. The reason for that is, because of the heavy snowfall during the day I decided to take the train, and my last connection left at 10.50 pm...
Nevertheless, it was worth the trip.

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