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Monday, December 13, 2004

LotR-TCG Premier Series Event in Strasbourg

We went to the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game Premier Series Event in Strasbourg. In this event only players who've earned Premier Series Points during the year could take part. We were four guys from Switzerland. We left Aarau shortly after 7am. We arrived in Lingolsheim (close to Strasbourg, France) around 9.20am. We had to be at the venue at 9.45am to sign-in. Now unfortunately the map we brought along wasn't too detailed and we first went to the wrong village. In the end we found someone who could show us the way and we just made it before the deadline.

The tournament was played over 8 rounds (45min each), with a 20min Lunch Break. There were a lot of very good players around, most of them from France, obviously, but there were also some people from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and one guy from Greece!
It was a great experience and in the end I ranked 54th. The best Swiss Player. The event was over at 7pm and we were all glad to get back.

But the adventure wasn't over yet. Just across the border our car started to make funny noises. We first figured it was the fuel, we'd been running low for awhile, and refueled at the first fueling station we found. But the noises didn't stop, they worsened. So we stopped at the next autobahn service station. A nearby mechanic told us that the wheel bearings were bust, so we had to leave the car there, it was transported to my friend's place today, and had to go home by train. We just made the last connection from Basel to Zurich and I even still had a connecting train to get home.

Conclusion: A very memorable weekend! :-)

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