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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Back from Ireland

I'm back from Ireland. Had a great time, we arrived in Dublin Wednesday around noon, after first flying from Zurich to Milano and from there onwards to Dublin, and spent the day exploring the city. It is amazing how many different gift shops there are in the city centre...
In the evening we found a pub near our hostel where traditional Irish music was played.

2nd Day: We picked up our car from the rental agency and drove south. At first it was difficult to get used to driving on the left, especially the first crossing was tricky. First we went to Greystones, which lies at the coast, and then on back roads on to Glendalaugh. There we visited the ruins of a monastery and enjoyed the nice landscape. On our way to Kilkenny, where we spent the night, we stopped a couple of times to take pictures of churches, ruins and other things. The weather was quite volatile, rain was followed by sunlight followed by rain.
Distance covered: 127 miles

3rd Day: In the morning we visited the castle in Kilkenny, then we took a panorama drive to Cashel and from there on to Cork. It was quite difficult to find our hostel in Cork, on most streets there were no signs, and lots of one way streets.
Distance covered: 110 miles

4th Day: First we visited Blarney Castle just north of Cork. At the top of the castle there's a stone which has the traditional power of conferring eloquence on all who kiss it. From there we drove South-West to the Ring of Kerry, which is a route around the South-Westernmost part of Ireland. It was a very scenic drive and we took lots of pictures. We spent the night in Killarney, just at the end of the Ring of Kerry.
Distance covered: 170 miles

5th Day: A bit north of Killarney is the Dingle peninsula, where there is another scenic drive. From there we drove all the way north to the Cliffs of Mohar, which are spectacular. On the way we even took the ferry, from Tarbert to Kilrush, to shorten our route a bit. After the cliffs we went even farther north to Galway.
Distance covered: 249 miles

6th Day: We used the morning to do some shopping in Galway before we drove back to Dublin. In Dublin we made a short trip north to the Hills of Tara, this is the place where all the celtic kings were buried and even though you can only see a couple of stones and hills it is still quite impressive. Back in Dublin we returned our car and relaxed a bit.
Distance covered: 178 miles

7th Day: Visited Christchurch and Dublin castle in the morning as well as buying a couple of books. I almost didn't have enough space in my backpacks for all my new books... Around noon we took a bus to the Airport and from there back to Milano and then to Zurich.

Pictures will follow soon.

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