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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Lot of things have happened in the last two weeks

Here comes the Breakdown:

31.8. - 7.9. : Assessment examinations in 4 subjects.

Monday, 6.9. : While I was writing my exam in Mathematics, my family were moving from Langnau to Mettmenstetten. Shortly after I got back the moving team had finished and I could start unpacking all my stuff. In the evening my room was almost complete, just had to add a few posters and remove a couple of boxes.

Tuesday, 7.9. : Had the last exam in the morning, it was an oral exam in the subject "Information Systems/Web Technologies". It think I did ok. Back home I finished unpacking the last boxes and started collecting my military stuff.

Wednesday, 8.9. : 04.30 am Wake up, 05.13 am Taking the train to Zurich, 09.20 am Arrival at Valais, then I waited until noon till I had to do something...

Friday, 10.9. : 10.45 pm, finally back home.

Saturday, 11.9. : I visited the "Knabenschiessen", the biggest annual funfair in Zurich. They had some fantastic rides. In the evening I went to a concert of my favorite Swiss band: Labia. They played an awesome concert, afterwards I was almost powered out. After a short break the main act Mostly Harmless entered the stage. At first I just listened to the music, but after about half an hour I got carried away by it and started to "dance" and jump around. In the end I won the price as "Coolest Guy of the Evening", I was quite flattered :-), I received all of their CD's and a jumper. This evening was well worth it, even though my neck is still hurting from too passionate dancing :-).

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  • we are very proud to be your favourite swissband :)
    C ya friday

    fernando at labia

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:42 AM  

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