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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Unlucky 13?

Yesterday was another concert of Labia, they played as opening act for Gigimoto at the GASB in Uster. Before the concert I had time to chat with the band and I could take a picture with them (see below) ;-) . This was the 13th time I've seen Labia in concert, this time they played one of their rare, maybe even their last, acoustic concert. However there was nothing unfortunate about this gig. Labia played a, at least in my eyes, flawless concert and the crowd was well pleased, they even asked for an encore. They played four of their softer songs (About, Without a Trace, Unique and another one) and two covers (one from Radiohead and one from Wheezer) and even though they only played the covers for the second time (first time was on Wednesday to practice) they sounded extremely solid.

After a short break Gigimoto and Jean-Pierre von Dach entered the small stage. They played a great show, which concluded a successful evening.

However I had not yet enough, so I went to the Abart. The party of the evening was Maximum Kick (nu metal, crossover, industrial & old school), and it held what it promised. After half an hour I was already totally exhausted. In the end I stayed till 3 am and I was quite happy to finally catch up with a bit of sleep.

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  • hey dave cooooooooooooool pic.see ya the next time.
    labia crew

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:56 PM  

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