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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Last Week

I do have problems with my internet connections at home so I'll keep this one brief.

Last Tuesday I went to a concert by Corvus Corax, they played an acoustic concert with 5 people playing bagpipes, flutes and other strange medieval instruments and 3 people playing drums. Great Show and an enthusiastic audience :-).

On Friday I went to a concert by Subway to Sally and, as usual, they played a fantastic two hour set.

Saturday was a Halloween party where Kr├╝ger23 and Labia played live. It was a very interesting show because Labia played a couple of cover songs (so cold from Static-X, Cape Fear from Fantomas, a song from Deftones, one from Marilyn Manson and one from Ministry). They faced minor difficulties with the technical equipment and they still managed to play a very convincing gig. I had a great time :-).

Monday my parents opened their new restaurant "Spycher" with an opening ceremony which was a huge success, I arrived only later in the evening because I had school for the whole day, but the place was still packed.

Last but not least, I managed to put the pictures of my Ireland trip online -->.

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