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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


After the Gobi trip I went back to work. I will write about the most exciting things that happened:

I applied for and got an Exit-Visa, which allows me to stay ten more days in Mongolia and take the plane I already booked. To do this I had to go back to the registration office 4 times...

On two nights we cooked ourselves. First Pako cooked a Thai dinner for us and then Miquel cooked a Paella and bread with tomatoes, I made another Birchermuesli as a dessert.

Burmaa who works in my office helped me to find a good tailor and translated for me. Together we went to the black market again to buy textiles. In addition I bought traditional Mongolian boots and a hat to complete my outfit.

For three days I only had cold water in my apartment; that was a very refreshing shower...

On our way to the Hash we passed Zaisan, to the left of which they had built a huge Buddha statue.

On Thursday was the big goodbye dinner for Evelyn, who left to go back to Switzerland on Friday, and Miquel, who went to China for one month. We went to a very good Thai restaurant and afterwards to Radio Club. There they had a live band which was excellent, unfortunately they only played for half an hour...

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