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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Into the dark

Over six years ago a new restaurant opened in Zurich with a unique idea: To serve the dishes in complete darkness. The waiters are either blind or visually impaired and have no problem to navigate in this environment. One has to reserve many months in advance to get a table it's so popular.
Last night we finally made it and paid the blind cow as it is called a visit. It was indeed a unique experience and very hard to describe. I found it surprisingly easy to lead the fork into my mouth, what was more difficult was actually finding the food on the plate ;). Without vision we had to rely on our other senses, I noticed that I spent more time to actually savour the food and ate slower than normal. Sharing food was almost impossible, nevertheless we found a way to sample the different dishes. Conversations were harder as well, because it wasn't possible to address people just by looking at them.
This was definitely a night to remember.

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