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Thursday, May 21, 2009

777 books

Since November 15th, 2006 I have cataloged 777 books on Librarything. 288 of which I have read since that day, that's 2.2 books per week. The rest are books that are stored on my bookshelves which I had read previously.

The 777th book cataloged is Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince by Bill Willingham.

The Good Prince is the tenth installment of Fables, a graphic novel series about characters from various fables which had been exiled from their Homelands by an evil emperor and have found a refuge in modern day New York. Unfortunately, they cannot spend their days in peace as the enemy threatens a total war to annihilate the colony. The stories are full of adventure, humor and strangely believable story lines. In this issue the tale of Prince Ambrose, or as all Fables know him Flycatcher the Janitor, is recounted and how he has to face many perils to finally avenge his family. This book is one of the best so far and an absolute joy to read with an epic story, romance and many surprises. I can highly recommend Fables and The Good Prince to anyone interested in graphic novels and modern fairy tales.



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