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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cedar Point 2009

Before leaving the Pittsburgh area completely, I just had to return to a place which I visited before my Master's program started: Cedar Point, which gives Sandusky the tag line "America's roller coaster capital"

I spent Monday and Tuesday of last week at the park and I couldn't have picked better days. The weather was very nice, sunny but not too hot. There weren't too many people. At most I waited 45 minutes at Maverick, but more often than not queues were under 30 minutes. Knowing very well what I will miss back in Europe, namely the biggest roller-coasters, I decided to focus on them. By the end of Monday I had taken six trips on Maverick, four trips on Millennium Force and four trips on Top Thrill Dragster (three of which in front row).

Tuesday was even better! The weather was slightly warmer and there were even fewer people. This went so far that at times there were almost no people queuing for Top Thrill Dragster, a ride that normally has waiting times of two hours! I of course took full advantage of that and by the end of the day I had scored 10 trips on Maverick (a fully awesome coaster), five times Front Row at Top Thrill Dragster, four times Millennium Force and a small number of other rides. By the end of the day I was hoarse from all the screaming! ;)

This trip was a full success and I was so glad that I made it. If you happen to be in the area: Don't miss Cedar Point!

This picture is a self-portrait just after my tenth trip on Maverick:
From Cedar Point 2009

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