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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Video Games Live!

Yesterday was a very special performance by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: Video Games Live! is a celebration of video games music, where the orchestra and choir are supported by synchronized clips from the games and light and laser effects. In addition to the concert there was a guitar hero contest, a costume contest and a price drawing.

Of course I had to go dressed as Rincewind, after all he was featured in a couple of video games as well, and the reactions were very positive. A couple of people got the reference and were thrilled to peaces! Quote from a random guy I met on CMU campus: "Whoever you are, you are awesome!" *g*

From Pittsburgh, July

As part of the costume contest we could go backstage and then on-stage for the votes. A guy dressed up as the main character of God of War (a really detailed costume!) won the contest.

The concert was awesome and the videoclips very funny. The most amazing thing were the performances of Martin Leung on piano, playing Super Mario and a Final Fantasy Medley, his fingers are so unbelievably fast!

Unfortunately, it looked like they did not get permission from Squaresoft for images from their games, and so even though we heard music from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross, we couldn't get the visual impression from those games. But overall this was a minor point.

If this show comes close to you, don't hesitate and go see it!

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  • IS there anyone who made up a playlist? I got a bit confused after it was all over trying to remember what all we'd heard, since there was nothing in the program.

    By Anonymous Michael, at 10:20 PM  

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