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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


America celebrated Memorial Day last Monday and I got to enjoy a nice day out :). The weather was nice and warm, perfect to visit Kennywood, Pittsburgh's own amusement park.

What makes Kennywood special are not spectacular and thrilling roller coasters, even though The Phantom Menace, is quite cool and thrilling, but it's well preserved and still functioning rides from the 1930's and 1940's. Some of which are the last of their kind still in operation anywhere in the world!
The Kangaroo from 1927:
From Pittsburgh, May

Another thing that made my trip to Kennywood memorable were the short lines, there were a fair amount of people in the park, but there was hardly a line longer than 10 minutes, and the water on the water rides. First I went on the Log Jam, which is a traditional log ride where I stayed quite dry, then I tried the Pittsburgh Plunge, a short ride in a bigger boat seating 20 people, that boat displaced so much water that the wave partially collapsed over us and we got quite wet. Finally I visited The Raging Rapids, a wild river ride, there we passed right under a waterfall and I was wet to my undergarments... Fortunately it was sunny and warm and after a couple of hours my trousers were dry again :).

All in all an enjoyable day out!

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