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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Round the World Statistics

My amazing trip around the world has ended and since I am fond of statistics, I wanted to share a couple of figures with you.


Days traveled:112
Distance traveled:~54'150km
by rental car:2'413.6km
Countries visited (24h+):7
Countries visited (-24h):5
# planes boarded:17
Longest flight:13h (Hong Kong - London)
Shortest flight:1h (Papeete - Rangiroa)
# blog posts22
# pictures shared737

Scuba Diving

# Dives147
Time under water5 d 9 h 23 min (129h 23 min)
Longest dive72min (Fiji)
Shortest dive28min (Galapagos, Check Dive)
Deepest dive46m (Rangiroa)
Shallowest dive5.9m (Galapagos, Check Dive)
Average depth24.33m
Coldest dive15°C (Galapagos)
Warmest dive30°C (Honduras)
Average temperature26°C
Most dives in one dive site11 (Passe de Tiputa, Rangiroa)
# of Countries dived6

Geo Caching

# Caches found71
# Countries with finds7
Most findsAustralia (49)
Least findsFiji (1)
Find farthest EastFiji
Find farthest WestFrench Polynesia
Find farthest SouthNew Zealand
Find farthest NorthHonduras

Here is one final number before I close for today.
This is my 500th blog post.

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