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Thursday, October 09, 2003

More Local Diving

Because the Dive Shop didn't find enough people for a Trip to the Wreck, we did 2 local dives instead.
1. Dive: Bida Nok. Saw another Leopard Shark, 5 Lionfish, 2 Scorpionfish, a school of Baracuda, a couple Batfish, a few Boxer Shrimps and a Titan Triggerfish 'Family' (4 Triggers in different sizes who swam in a neat formation).
2. Dive: North Point. We found a Frogfish, a big Mooray Eel, a school of Rainbow Runners, a Hawksbill Turtle, and an Orange-Lined Triggerfish.
During Dinner I finally managed to find a restaurant which showed Finding Nemo (it's normally always played in the mornings), which was hillarious.

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