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Friday, October 10, 2003

The 'Thai-Tanic'

We were not sure if the Captain'd be able to find the wreck, because some fishermen cut the buoyline and our boat didn't have GPS, but we were ready to take our chances.
The 1. Dive site was Anemone Reef, which was awesome. Close to where we descended were hundreds of different fish swimming in all directions, I never saw so many fish in one place before. It was just beautiful... We saw a Snake Eel, a Mantas Shrimp, which retreated into its whole once we approached, a Boxfish and a Turtle.
Whilst we were diving the captain managed to attach a buoy to the severed line and we could do our second dive as planned.
The Wreck is called King Cruiser and was a ferry between Phuket and Koh Phi-Phi which crashed into Anemone Reef and thereafter sank in 1997. The current was very strong and the visibility very poor, nevertheless I was awestruck, how the wreck was claimed by oceanic life. Unfortunately part of the Middle Deck collapsed last summer and it isn't possible anymore to penetrate the wreck. Through the windows we could see into the car deck (I saw nothing, it was too dark) and into the VIP Lounge, where you could still distinguish the seats.
To round the day off our third dive was at Phuket Shark Point. As usual with those kind of names, there was not a shark in sight... We did see a Great Barracuda, which was approx. 1.2m long, and lots of other tropical fishes.
This night I went to the Reggae Bar to watch a Thai Boxing Match.

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