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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Singapore Airport

I'm currently at Singapore Airport and wait for my connection-flight to Phuket.

A short breakdown of what happenend throughout last week:

Tusday: A reading by Christian von Aster at the Boschbar in Zuerich, the main topic were Sci-Fi, Vampire and Satirical Stories. The place was packed and people even had to stand at the back, it was extremly well received.

Wednesday: Another reading by Christian von Aster, again at the Herzbaracke in Zuerich. This time it wasn't sold out, but still well filled... The main aspect were stories with hidden meanings and word-plays.

Thursday: Early morning a physics exam... I'm not that confident about it, but from the feedback from my fellow students I gather I'd be placed somewhere in the middle... Afterwards a Presentation in English about the technical side of Scuba Diving, mainly Equipment used. This one went very well...

Friday: A concert at the Grabenhalle in St. Gallen. 4 bands played, Labia was the third to perform. There were about 250 people present, unfortunately, by the time Labia performed (close to midnight) a lot of people left to catch the last train...
Labias performance however, was well received by the attending crowd. They focused more on their newer songs, than on the old favourites.

Saturday noon: Plane from Zurich to Singapore. More on that subject later...

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