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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


What a weekend! I left school 1 hour early to get to the Soutside open-air in time for Team Sleep. The highlight of the day was System of a Down. Their concert was great, however, I was a bit disappointed because, compared to the first time I saw them, they weren't that active on stage. The crowd made more than up for this and went berserk!
Saturday was mostly dedicated to Punk. We saw Dioramic, a young German metal band who played very good, La Vela Puerca, a ska group from South America, Ska-P, Queens of the Stone Age who didn't quite convince me, and finally Die Ärzte, a legendary German punkband.
Sunday started with Flogging Molly, a group from Boston playing Irish Folk / Punk. Fantômas, one of Mike Patton's many groups was next, followed by And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, who mainly made a lot of noise and not that much music. Turbonegro from Norway and Nine Inch Nails both were well received, though I wouldn't buy their CD's. And to round things up, Rammstein played last at 10pm. Their setlist was almost identical to the gig I attended in Basel, but it was nevertheless a great concert. They used a lot of pyrotechnics and had an impressive stage setting.
The weather was very considerate, even though it was cloudy all weekend and frigging cold in the night, it only started to rain 2 hours after the very last concert was finished.

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