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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Marathon in Winterthur

After having participated in the Gobi Marathon for fun. The question arose, whether I'd manage to finish a "real" marathon within a time limit. I was pondering this when I saw an advertisement for the marathon in Winterthur. I tried to train for this event, but time constraints resulted in just a couple short runs, nothing real to prepare me for the 42.195km. Nevertheless I signed up. Today was the big day. At 9am we started. The weather wasn't great, but for running it was pretty good. There was slight rain for the first couple of hours, cloudy sky thereafter and not too cold. The first 21.1km went well and took me 2 hours and 14 minutes (16 minutes less than at the Gobi Marathon). After kilometer 30 it got hard and there were stretches where I just had to walk. Nevertheless my goal was clear: Reaching the finishing line within 5h 30 minutes (the maximum allowed time). After a small exploit on the last 4 kilometers I finished after 5 hours 5 minutes 9 seconds. I'm extremely happy with this result. Now I know that I my will is strong enough to cover this distance. I don't feel the urge to participate in another Marathon right away. Maybe a half Marathon one day...

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