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Monday, November 06, 2006


After a long time I participated at another LARP. It was another game hosted by Riedhburg, focusing around the 29th KAWUM (Kongress für Alchemie, Wissenschaft und Medizin; Congress for Alchemy, Science and Medicine). I played a sage and astronomer from Mongolia named Kublai Kaspar Bat-Tsetseg, together with my associate, the astronomer Ali ab'a (he forgot the rest of his name), we are following a star to a newborn king. Tragically Ali broke our star, so we went to this congress in hope that an alchemist could correct this mishap.

The thirty-odd players were an extremely diverse group, we had the master of the alchemists guild with his left and right hands, two real alchemists, several charlatans, some doctors, a patent office, an excellent kitchen staff, a hobbit and many more. There even were uninvited guests such as a wild wolf.

One of my favourite scenes was during a secret meeting in the cellar. Everyone came with an eyemask to disguise their true identity. However, the disguised master of the guild was a little confused and talked about all the wrong things...

In the our star healed itself, helped by the power of the full moon and we were able to continue our journey.

All in all a fantastic weekend with way too many fascinating stories to relate here. As always, there are pictures on my homepage. The results from the interaction of the players with the patent office can be seen here.


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