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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two busy weekends

Last weekend was (once again) dedicated to mediaeval times.
OnSaturday I visited the Endsommerfest in &Uml;berstorf. A very quaint little festival with a tourney for brave knights, music and a fire show. In the first round of the tourney every participant had to take part in the following activities: jousting, axe throwing, archery and swordplay. With a little luck I qualified for the second round. From there on it was only swordplay and that was all for me, I lost my second duel against Fangorn, a very good swordsman.
After the tourney a swiss band called 'Des Königs Halunken' played a very nice set of mediaeval tunes. During the concert a couple of guys made a fantastic fire show next to the stage.
You can find pictures from this great event in my gallery.

On Sunday I visited the Ragnarök Mittelalterspektakel in Eglisau. The main attractions were a small market, a concert and a play. Most of the day we spent playing a game called 'the accursed seven', it was played with two dice. After rolling you checked the board, if some money was on that number you could take it, otherwise you had to pay up. The exception was the number seven, then you always had to pay. On the other hand you could collect all the money on the board after rolling a 12.
The concert was by a swiss band called, you guessed correct, 'Des Königs Halunken'.
The last event of the day was a very interesting play showing excerpts from the Norse Sagas.
You can find pictures from this event in my gallery too.
A very nice weekend!

On Thursday it was time for the next concert. Blind Guardian opened their new tour in Pratteln. The hall was sold out and it was incredibly hot in there, nevertheless we enjoyed the show a lot. And we wouldn't have complained if they had played longer than 1.5 hours... They even played old favourites like 'Valhalla' and 'Mirror, Mirror'.

Due to the cancellation of their original concert in April it happened that I returned to Pratteln on Saturday already to watch a concert by 'The Gathering'. It wasn't sold out, but there were way more people than during their last concert in Pratteln. And again 'The Gathering' blew us away with their rhythmic and powerful songs. It seemed much longer than 1.5 hours and again, we wouldn't have complained if they decided to play a couple more songs...

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