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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Part 5: UB again and conclusion

My last day was spent with organising and packing. Shopping for my trail rations (I had 10 hours in Moscow to kill) turned into a treasure hunt. That's the fascinating thing about Supermarkets in UB. You can buy everything, just don't expect a product to be in the same place the next time you go looking for it :).

I still like Mongolia a lot, especially the countryside; however, my attitude towards the city has changed quite dramatically, as has the city. A new mentality seams to spread and lots of people follow the doctrine: "How to cheat the tourist". For example even cabs with taxi meters will try to charge several times the normal fare. In addition I had another unfortunate experience, my small backpack was stolen in the middle of Sukhbaatar Square (a huge square in the centre of UB), fortunately nothing of great value was in there, but it still annoyed a great deal. I ended up being extremely suspicious of everyone in UB, which is unfair in a way, because there are still people around who are willing to help.

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