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Friday, July 21, 2006

End of Term!

It's over, finally. This has been an extremely challenging term. I followed in Hermione Granger's footsteps and attended two classes which took place at the same time. Unfortunately, my university could not provide me with a time-turner and so I regularly missed the lessons of one class. However, the most important part of these classes were the lab exercises and they did not collide. Nevertheless it was very stressful to keep up with both subjects and I wouldn't do it again.

Another thing that took its toll was the job search. I'll finish university end of November and want to start working after a short trip to Indonesia in December. So I started looking for a job. I sent my applications to two different companies, both service providers in Software Engineering. Accenture Technology Solutions (ATS) had a two-step program. First there was a phone interview of about 45 minutes length, afterwards I was invited to a Technical Decision Day. Part of this day was a teamwork exercise with all 6 applicants, a short written exam (multiple choice) and three interviews. The first was technical, the next more HR oriented and in the last I received an offer to work for ATS.
With Z├╝hlke Engineering I had to pass three stages. First was an interview with mostly HR related questions, but there were a couple that tested the detail of my technical knowledge. I wasn't quite prepared for this last sort of questions. Was nevertheless invited to another interview. The second interview was purely technical and covered all thinkable topics in IT, with a special focus in Software Engineering. It took 2.5 hours, but I had a good feeling and was indeed invited for a further interview. The last interview took place over lunch. I was treated to a nice meal which compensated for the tough personal questions I was asked by the chief of the Software division. At the end he confessed, that he was sceptical at the beginning, but I managed to convince him. And so I received my second job offer. I signed the contract the same evening.

Now I'm about to leave for my well-deserved vacation. First one week in Malaga, Spain together with my classmates. Then three weeks travelling in Mongolia.

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