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Friday, September 15, 2006

Terry Pratchett live!

For the first time since the inception of this blog I have some Discworld related news to tell! Yesterday evening a dream of mine, which I never dared hope to see fulfilled, became true. Terry Pratchett came to Switzerland and I was there to meet him!
One thing after another: Terry came to Berne to promote his novel Thud! which was just released in German (as Klunk!). At first there was an introduction about the book and Terry in German. What followed was, to our great delight, a lively discussion in English, with Terry telling all kinds of anecdotes from his illustrious live. Especially tales from his childhood (where he first earned 20 pence per page perfectly read and later went on to work as a library assistant to file half the library books on his own bookshelf) and his time as press relations officer for four power plants ("We adopted an uprecedented press strategy, we decided to tell the truth!") brought many tears to our eyes. The hour allocated was over way too fast. But the evening wasn't over yet. Terry announced that he would be happy to sign a couple of books and immediately a huge line formed in front of the stage.
I was there in my Rincewind costume. Terry's comments when he saw me: "Oh, gosh, a real wizard!" and "Run, Run!". After the crowd dispersed a bit I joined the end of the queue to get a picture:
Me: "May I take a picture with you?"
Terry: "No! Why would I want to associate myself with such a maniac!" ;)

Terry Pratchett and David
I was even asked to join a group picture of the German-speaking Discworld Fanclub together with Terry :)
Terry is a very nice and extremely funny and charismatic old gent; he had the audience in his hands from the very beginning. Even whilst signing a couple of hundred books he was still very friendly and ready to exchange a couple of words. He advised a friend of mine to get a Skull and Kitten tattoo next!

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