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Monday, February 05, 2007

Camorra X - Swiss Guantanamo

The 10th and final Camorra LARP was supposed to end the series with a unique setting: A prison. A bit of back-story: After an amazing effort of the European police departments many of the important heads active in the Camorra could be caught and were sent to prison. To the famous Prigione Fossa di Leoni to await their trial.
I played the role of Dshingis Bob, a master thief who lost his nose during torture. My sources told me that the person responsible, Olga Stalin, was sitting in Fossa di Leoni, reason enough for me to check it out. Further I gathered, that Don Vitrini, thief of the famous red cardinal was an inmate as well, this should be an interesting discussion.
Looking around I failed to spot Don Vitrini but soon found out that he was found dead, hanged in his cell... Fortunately I had the information where to find the red cardinal. After simulating a bout of madness I was put into solitary confinement and could successfully retrieve it. It was a beautiful but big stone. Fortunately there was enough space in my shoes. That's were the diamond stayed for almost four hours.
People were inspecting my hat, but no one searched inside the boots.
In the meantime I had a nice chat with Walther von Winther who wanted Olga Stalin dead as well. I tried to organize a couple of killers (von Winther had sufficient funds) to ensure her demise.
My last task was to get out of jail free. That's why I wanted to contact Pasquale Prizzi, a very influential man inside the prison. A letter from his dear friend Don Fiorello should guarantee my safe exit, or so I thought at the time...
After dodging two intrusion attempts by von Winther and his crony, I finally had to yield the red cardinal to Pater Rinaldo Rüttli, who was very blunt about my prospects to live should I decide to keep the diamond. Wanting to live and being sure of an early exit out of the prison, I gave in twenty minutes before the game ended.
But that was not the only disappointment. Prizzi tried to bribe all the guards to vote me as the most cooperative prisoner, resulting in me getting out of jail free. However, Heinz Bünzli the first officer of the guards canceled the voting and chose his own favorite... But I wasn't the only casualty, two of the guards were sentenced to death because of their involvement of the death of Don Johnson, Erwin Eisengott, the director of the prison, was arrested as well because of his being a puppet of Pasquale Prizzi. However, those three attempted an escape, the success of which will be resolved later.
Well, at least I still have my masterkey to get out of all the cells and the code card for the other cells. Maybe there still is a way out for me...

A couple of pictures can be found in my gallery.

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