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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Abart!

Yesterday the Abart, my favorite club in Zürich, celebrated its 10 year anniversary.
I've been frequenting the Abart for seven and a half years and I have many fond memories of cool concerts and parties there.
The celebration took place in the Volkshaus in Zürich and featured 4 bands followed by a party with the Abart All Start DJs.
First up were The Michelles from the UK and they were a decent opening act, with fun tunes well suited to shake and jump around.
Next up were Snitch, a Swiss punk-rock band. They already played 5 years ago at the last Abart anniversary celebration and they were again a force to be reckoned with: Fast, hard and fun.
Third in line were Ash from Ireland. At first I thought I had never heard anything from them before, but one or two songs were familiar from the Abart and from a computer game ^^. Anyways, they played a good show with lots of enthusiasm, however, for my taste they were too soft.
Then it was finally time for the big Surprise Headliner, who was only revealed one day before the gig, Sportfreunde Stiller. Their gig was fantastic and the crowd loved them. And best of all, they played for almost 80 minutes.
Unfortunately, the party that followed was a bit disappointing. The focus was heavily on brit-pop and -rock, which admittedly fit the four bands we heard tonight, but only represented a small part of the music normally played in the abart.
Anyways, it was a fun evening and I'm looking forward to the 20 years celebration *g*

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