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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Labia, Aggressive Sound Painters & Pure Soundart @ Box, Davos

This surely had to be a new record: The longest distance I ever covered to get to a Labia concert. But with the winter nearing its end and the chance to go sledding (for the first time this winter) were strong enough arguments to go ahead with this undertaking.

The Box in Davos is an insider club in the alternative/punk-scene. It was such an insider tip, that we had to circle the block four times, before finding the correct entrance ;).

Pure Soundart opened this evening. Unfortunately their bassist couldn't make the trip (he only canceled at the last minute) and so they played an improvised unplugged gig instead. Considering these circumstances they did a good job. They even covered (more or less successfully) a song by Die Ärzte.

Next were the Aggressive Sound Painters from Zürich. Their innovative Modern Rock songs found approval and several people were dancing/head-banging right at the front of the stage from the very beginning. Even I was awakened from my slumber (it was a hard week and I just got over a harsh cold) and joined the first row to appreciate their show. I even would have bought one of their CDs, if the merchandise stand hadn't packed up too soon ^^.

Then, finally, it was Labia's time. Their first performance in Davos was received very well amongst the locals and the other bands. The crowd again was right in front of the stage from the first song and a minor moshpit was always on the verge of breaking out ^^. To follow a tradition or an old charter or something, Labia again had technical problems, this time Fernando's mike stopped working halfway through the first song... but they took this in their stride, finished the song and played an extended opening for the second song while the mike cable was exchanged. To our relief from then on everything went smoothly. I was extremely happy to have so many people partying along with me (I do remember gigs where I was the only one in front of the stage) and took the time to take pictures in between. Labia's set list was well thought out and contained both old favorites like 'Shiva' and 'Take it' as well as a brand new song 'Slice by Slice', which proves once again that they're steadily moving forward and another CD release might be possible in the near future. After almost an hour Labia left the stage to loud applause and only the closing time stopped them from playing another encore.

Mark Scherrer deserves a special mention, the bassist of Labia and Aggressive Sound Painters played two perfect gigs back to back and hardly broke a sweat nor missed a note.

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