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Friday, November 14, 2008

Task 5: Wireless Municipal Area Network

Today we just had the presentation of our fifth task "Wireless Municipal Area Network (WiMAN)" in which we had to come up with a suggestion for a WiMAN implementation for Pittsburgh. I'm writing about this task because several interesting things have happened.

  • After four tasks with my initial team, we were assigned into new teams, so we had to come up with a new organisation and a new name.
  • Presentations were open for everyone again, and so I chose / was picked to be the first presenter
  • The presentation was, as in task 1, extremely persuasive.
In the morning I gave a trial run of the presentation and I was again extremely nervous. When the presentations were about to start and we were waiting for the faculty, my nervousness wouldn't go away, so I picked up "Discworld: The Graphic Novels" and read a couple of pages. This surprisingly helped alleviate my stress levels and when it was finally my turn to give the presentation I was very calm.
The presentation was, in my humble opinion, a big success (we got the fewest critical questions from the professor), which was only possible because our team did a very good job in preparing the report and presentation. So I'm looking forward to three more interesting tasks with this great team! :)



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