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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Culture, Garage Sale and Game Club

Friday marked the visit of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, which performed "A Good Life" a special piece commissioned for Pittsburgh’s 250th anniversary and renditions of John Adams' "Slonimsky’s Earbox" and Antonin Dvorák's "The New World". The Adams’ piece was very interesting, with lots of layers and variety. "A Good Life" was good and you could clearly feel the ups and downs that Pittsburgh went through with the rise and fall of the steel industry. I was kind of expecting it to end on a high note, to represent Pittsburgh’s recent success and bright future, yet, the last piece was quite dark as well. "The New World" was also good and I did recognize the last piece from numerous renditions in movies.

On Saturday morning we got an "early" start to go to REI’s Garage Sale. We arrived there 15 minutes before it was supposed to start and were a bit taken aback to see that 130 people were in the queue in front of us. Nevertheless, the trip was a success and I got an almost brand new winter jacket from Marmot for 140.- instead of 300.- US$. So now I should be ready for the cold Pittsburgh winter.

After a team-meeting for my social web class it was time again to join the game club :). My timing was pretty lucky and they were just about to start a game when I arrived.
This time I played:
- Tigris & Euphrates: Still a very interesting and challenging strategy territorial game, which I start to like a lot.
- Maharaja: A game where the players try to earn money by building palasts and houses in Indian cities.
- Arkham Horror with Kingsport Horror Extension: A great cooperative game trying to defend Arkham from the Great Old Ones. We were six players and had a lot of luck with drawing our items and cards, nevertheless it took close to 5 hours to complete, which was 1.50am!

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