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Sunday, October 05, 2008

250 Years of Pittsburgh on a Saturday

Yesterday was the big celebration day of Pittsburgh 250th Birthday with lots of events all day long.
The thing that caught my eye first when I arrived at Point State Park was the pink water in the fountain!
From 250 Years of Pittsburgh
But after the initial shock, I started taking in the other sights, such as the old paddle steamers and historical re-enacters ranging from 1750 to 1820.
From 250 Years of Pittsburgh
Also interesting was the historical flag ceremony hosted by the Eagle Scouts of Pittsburgh.

Since it was Saturday I wanted to get back to CMU to join the Game Club ^^. This time I played the following games:
- Euphrat & Tigris: A tactical game where players try to control kingdoms in one of four aspects (religion, trading, farming and government) collecting victory points. The game offers a lot of depth and is very interesting to play.
- Kingsburg: An interesting game where the player tries to influence people in the Kings court in exchange for favors (resources, victory points, battle strength). These resources can then be used to build buildings which in turn offer various advantages. The game runs over five years where every year has three productive seasons which lead up to an attack by monsters in winter time. A very cool game which can be a bit dependent on dice luck.
- Samurai: Is set in medieval Japan where players try to take control of cities to gain figures. The game is pretty quick but offers a lot of food for thought to find the right tactic. Interesting.
- Transamerica about which I've blogged before.

And still there are many games at the game club which I haven't tried yet, so I'll keep you posted :)

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