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Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Saturday...

... which means my afternoon and evening was devoted to the CMU Game Club!

This time I managed to play three new games and an "old" favorite:
- Puerto Rico: A very cool game where the players have to manage plantations and build a city in Puerto Rico.
- Notre Dame: A fast game set in medieval Paris where players have to collect Victory Points and try to stay clear of the Rats.
- Caylus: A complicated resource management strategy game. Explaining the rules took almost an hour and the game play was not that rewarding. But some people just love it.
- Tichu: Since I've written about the game a couple of times before, I'll drop a couple of words about this round. We had a terrible start and were down 400 points. After almost catching up a blunder set us back another 300 points. But in the last rounds, when the others only needed one hand to finish, I managed to pull of a Grand Tichu and my partner finished second, so we literally overtook them on the finishing line! What a great game! :)

And now back to studying...

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