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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In my (post) mailbox: Ups and Downs

Yesterday I received two letters and neither of them was advertising and so I was pretty excited to discover what they were about :)

The first was from Switzerland and contained a letter I didn't expect. Last week I sent an e-mail to the road traffic licensing department in Zurich asking for a letter of reference (i.e. stating that I never violated a traffic law), but I never received an answer. And so you can guess my surprise when this letter turned up. The reason I need this letter is because I want to join Zipcar (an American Mobility) and they demand such a letter from all foreign nationals...

The second letter was less pleasant. It was from the electricity company informing me that I had to pay a 50.- US$ security deposit, which would be okay, but they also need a notarized confirmation of my ID card... just what I needed searching for a notary and spending more money...

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