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Monday, August 18, 2008

My own Apartment

On Saturday it was finally the time for me to move into my own apartment. After the road trip and staying at Guido's place for a week it felt good to get some privacy and the feeling of belonging somewhere back.

But first there was some work to do. The landlord wanted the money for the rent for the first and last two months as well as the security deposit up front and in cash. No problem thought I, after all I have a debit card. But after failing at two ATMs to get more than 100 US$ (total, not each), I was a little bit stranded. Fortunately, I could use the internet and discovered a branch of my bank which was open on Saturday, unfortunately, it was located in South Side.

1.5 hours late I could finally meet my future landlord, give him the money and start signing all the papers. This took another hour, my landlord is 84 and can't be rushed ;).

Now I had the keys to the apartment in hand and the real work started: Cleaning up! It is hard to imagine how the previous tenant managed to life in this place, there was dirt all over the floor, a 5mm dust layer on the top shelf and on the curtains, spilled goods in the fridge and hair all over the place...
Fortunately, Guido agreed to help me and so we got started. After three hours of cleaning we went to the laundry to wash our clothes as well as all the sheets and curtains which we collected from our apartments. This took another three hours!

Since I was running around all day, I didn't have time to eat yet and so we ordered a Pizza from Pizza Hut, which is just around the corner from our place. After another couple of hours of cleaning we thought we deserved a rest and went out for a couple of beers :).

On Sunday I continued cleaning all day. However, around lunchtime we decided to go to Waterfront once more to buy a couple of things which were still missing. This time we stopped for lunch at PF Changs at Waterfront, a fantastic Chinese restaurant. We ended up buying so much stuff that we had to take a cab back.

When I went to bed around 11pm, the place was clean, my stuff stored in the right places and I finally had the feeling of becoming settled.

Pictures of my apartment (both before and after cleaning) can be found on my picasa web gallery.

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  • I feel your pain! At least you were done after only two days of cleaning up - we're still at it here in Berlin. If you want to feel better about your flat take a look at the pictures at

    By Anonymous Split, at 6:23 AM  

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