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Monday, August 25, 2008

An evening with the CMU Gaming Club

Browsing through Carnegie Mellon’s Student Organizations I noticed an interesting entry, the CMU Gaming Club.

After a short e-mail exchange I got the heads-up to join them this Saturday, which I promptly did. The meeting started at 1.00pm and once enough people were here the games started. Throughout the night I played the following games:
- "Hey! That’s my Fish!" a fun and fast game where the player controls two penguins to collect as many fish as possible.
- "Power Grid" a game where the players have to take control of power plants (through bidding for them during an auction) and cities. The game was stalled for several rounds but after the stalemate was cleared it then ended very fast. I missed my opportunity to expand my power plant network and thus didn’t have a chance to win. Nevertheless it was very interesting.
- "Agricola" a very interesting and challenging Strategy game where the players have to maintain and extend a piece of land by buying houses, plowing and sowing fields and raising cattle. There are dozens of different strategies which can be used and the game has so many different cards that no two rounds will ever be the same. Very cool :)
- "Arkham Horror" (including Dunwich Horror Expansion) a game based on the Cthulhu mythos where the players try in co-op mode to prevent the Great Old Ones from awakening. The hardest part of the game was setting it up, because there were so many different cards and tokens, but the playing itself went very smoothly. We had a pretty good game (no major catastrophes occurred) and managed to win within three hours.

- "Race to the Galaxy" another Strategy game, this time centered on the expansion into space. This game was much more complex and after playing it once I still didn’t quite get it what strategy should be employed. But apparently it is the In-Game of the moment because there were four copies around ;)
- "Tichu" a Chinese card game which resembles a bit the Swiss-German card game "Arschlöchle" but offers more possibilities and has more cards. It took a while for me to get into the game, especially because my partner and I had exceptionally bad hands for the most part of the game. Nevertheless we managed to turn luck around and won with a One-Two/Tichu. A challenging and cool game which doesn’t take too long to explain and can be taken everywhere.

The evening ended at 1.15am and I’m sure I’ll join them again, especially because their arsenal of games consists of dozens of games I’ve never heard of!

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