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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Music, Games & Baseball

The Rib Fest took place at Heinz Field this weekend, and in addition to Ribs there were also free concerts. A good reason for Guido and me to check this out ;). The Rib Fest was very special, there were half a dozen booths selling ribs and all of them were decorated with the various awards this group has won so far! But I have to admit, the ribs were indeed very good! (Guido agrees ^^)

Since we were there on Friday, we got to see concerts by Tres Lads and The Clarks, Pittsburgh's famous rock group. Tres Lads played mostly 80s rock cover songs and The Clarks played easy-listening rock. All in all an entertaining evening, but not worth running to the next CD store ;).

Saturday I joined the CMU Gaming Club for another round of new games. This time the turnout was much higher and we got started playing straight away.
I played
- Coloretto: a bluff card game where you have to try to collect cards of the same color, but you'll only get bonus points from those three colors of which you have the most cards. Easy to learn, fast to play, fun!
- Catan Dice Game: A mixture between Settlers of Catan and Yahtzee. A fair mixture of luck and planning ahead are required, but it's fast to play and easy to take along, so that's a plus there :).
- Bohnanza: A card game where the players have to plant beans and trade with other players to maximize their profit. I've played this game many times back home and it's great fun every time :)
- Poison: A card game where you have to try to either take no potion cards or as many as possible of one color, but beware, there are poisons around and they always count against you. Another fast and fun game with lots of tactical deliberations.
- Mü & more: A complex trick tacking card game which I didn't get to play for long, because I had other obligations, but it looked pretty intriguing.

I left the CMU Gaming Club early, because Guido invited me to a Pirates Baseball Game. It was quite a lot of fun especially the Mexican Wave, but I'll let Guido write about this adventure.

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