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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 1st week er month is over ;)

Since everyone at home is blogging about their first week in the Masters Program, I'll do the same. Hang on, the first week is already three weeks in the past, so I'll just write what happened this week ;).

For most of the students this week was very important, because it featured two job fairs, the Business Opportunities Conference (BOC) and Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) and everyone was dressed up accordingly. Since I'm not really looking for a job in the US, I just went to the TOC to have a look around. And I have to admit it is impressive to see recruiters from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, EA, ..., the NSA and the CIA! Obviously, the two later companies only hire US Citizens, but still it's interesting to see them at such an event ^^. Two of my friends had a real battle plan, they split the companies between them and always left both CVs. This tactic seemed to work and they both got first-round interviews the following day.

Even though we do have a lot of work to do, I feel really comfortable on campus and I take advantage of the opportunities as often as possible and so I was playing Squash on Monday, playing Tennis and joining the West African Dance Class on Tuesday (afterwards I had very sore muscles), yesterday I caught Persepolis at the 1$ movie screening on campus and today I took a ride on the virtual bike. The library is slowly becoming my home away from home, and I spend most of my time working and studying on their quiet floor. So far I always got out before midnight, but its good to know that they are open till 3am. Getting home during the night is no problem either, the CMU Escort Service leaves every 30 minutes and drops me off right in front of my door, that's what I call customer service!

Here's a picture I took tonight on my way across campus:
From September in Pittsburgh

I need to wrap this post up, because there is still some more work to be done tonight...

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