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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 Task down, 15 more to go

Yesterday we presented our first Task, which focused on Ubiquitous Computing using RFID in a hospital environment, to the class and the faculty. I was the chosen presenter and I was so nervous that I dropped my notes and got lost once or twice, but everyone was very impressed by the presentation so it maybe wasn't all that bad ;).

After the presentation I was extremely relieved. And the tension which was building the last couple of days while we were completing the report (till 1am on the weekend, 3am on Monday). This marked the first time I had to work till late into the night to get a report finished, and even then we only finished "on time" because we got an extension... Anyways, we're trying to do better on the second Task which started today, builds on Task 1 and focuses on Requirement Elicitation, fortunately I have a head start in this area :).

However, with my electives I see more late nights coming. Fortunately, it isn't as bad as Guido's program which made him work till 3am repeatedly over the last couple of days...

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