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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Duquesne Light: Incompetency at Work

Following, the 72-hour shut-off-notice, I gave Duquesne Light a call this morning. Which was very interesting because at first they told me that they hadn't received my application. I told them I sent it on 9/10 by postal mail, after holding for a couple of minutes, they could confirm that they indeed received it. Then they told me that they could not read the meter, I told them that someone came on Monday, but they didn't believe me...

So I called my landlord who assured me that 3 (THREE!!!) guys from Duquesne Light checked all the meters yesterday at 10am...

So I called them again, but they still didn't know anything about this visit. After holding for 8 minutes they could finally track down the guy who came to my place and confirm that he indeed did check my meter...

To add insult to injury they told me that my application will be retroactive to August, 16th, the day I moved in. However, I don't quite see why I should pay for the time they were incapable of setting up my account. Unfortunately, they are on the longer lever and I really need my electricity...

Interesting side story about Guido, who doesn't have time to blog at the moment due to his work load, he never received the letter asking for a second application. And so it was only yesterday that he was finally able to fill out his application, when he called to pay for his security deposit, they charged him 86.- US$ (I had to pay 50.-$). In addition to being incompetent they also seem to have random rates...

If you have another choice: Do NOT deal with Duquesne Light!

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  • Do you still have electricity?

    By Blogger Silver, at 3:15 PM  

  • Yes the electricity has been on all the time; apparently they finally managed to get my account in order. But the hassle it took to get to this step was more than unnecessary...

    By Blogger David, at 3:40 PM  

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