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Monday, November 23, 2009

Riedhburg XVIII - Rights and Servants (Rechte und Knechte)

Last weekend was the follow up to 2 Weddings and a Funeral, the first peasant LARP featuring the four families from Tannenbüren:
  • Kellermeisters are well known for their wine, liquor and other alcohol production.
  • Roggensingers focus on farming
  • Waidmanns forte is hunting and tending to the woods
  • Webers are the richest family in town and are mostly merchants and cloth dealers.
A lot has happened since that eventful Thanksgiving Feast. A war has started between Riedbhburg and neighbouring Falkenburg and many of Tannenbüren's sons were drafted and lost. Another casualty was Arnold Roggensinger, the previous steward of Tannenbüren. Now, as it is custom, it was time for Tannenbüren to elect someone else. This of course warranted another big meeting at the Roggensinger's house.

But politics wasn't the only thing on the agenda. The Bachelor society of Tannenbüren planned to celebrate their reunion with (illegal) gambling and parties. The women on the other hand were scheming to plan advantageous marriages for their unwed daughters and sons. This of course didn't please the Bachelor's at all ;).

After some long internal debates the final applicants for the position as steward, were announced and were asked to present their Agenda:
  • Gotfried Kellermeister (myself) wanted to strengthen the village by focusing on traditional values and bridging old grudges. His motto “Yes we can” (or as it was in Swiss-German “Ja mir chönd” was well received, mostly by Kellermeister family members, but in the end his experience in dealing with the last crisis was also a beneficial factor.
  • Urs Waidmann wanted to abolish the old traditions and introduce shared wealth and possessions. I don't have to mention twice, that once his true agenda was revealed, he stood little chance ;)
  • Gerhard Weber mainly wanted to strengthen his own position in the village.
  • Waldemar Waidmann was all for hard work to overcome difficulties, however, he seemed to depend too much on his mother Annerös.
At the end of the day I was elected with a fair margin in front of Waldemar Waidmann.

People were also very active on the marriage front and so we could celebrate four marriages, bonding the families Kellermeister and Waidmann as well as Weber and Waidmann.

Although the Weber's turned out to be the sore looser when Agnes Waidmann eloped with their farm servant!

Early the next morning Baron Hannibal arrived to give his blessing to the election. Unfortunately, he was in the mood for painting and thus the village first had to pose for an idyllic farm picture.

The End - for now ;)

It was a terrific event with lots of laughter, intrigues food and of course alcohol ;). All pictures can be found in my webalbum.

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