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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Riedhburg XIV: Two Weddings and a Funeral

The families of Tannenb├╝ren met last weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. I was the patriarch of the Kellermeisters, the family famous for its wine-making skills. The feast, however, started with a tragedy Alois, the eldest member of the family, died seconds before he could tell us where he had hidden the Ikon of our parish, which we could treasure for the last year.

Fortunately it turned up the next day in the presence of curious people of the forest, and they traded the Ikon for other goods.

After Helga and Heini, two more members of our family arrived we could finally hold the funeral ceremony for our dear old Alois.

But the day was meant to be a happy one and in addition to Thanksgiving we could also celebrate the wedding of our own Gustaf Kellermeister and Zille Waidmann, strengthening the bonds between these two old families. The wedding ceremony was integrated into the Thanksgiving service giving us the chance to rejoice twice.

The second marriage on the other hand came quite surprising. Nils Roggensinger was wed to Heidi Weber. Nils was so pleased about this that the Webers first had to catch him. In the end he was tied up and brought in front of the priest to make the wedding legal. ^^

The evening continued with a fantastic banquet, where every wish was met and no one stayed hungry.

But to top it all, the heads of the four families as well as the priest were then to sit judge for the big cake competition. The negotiations were tough, but in the end the best and only real cake, the one from Hanni Kellermeister, deservedly won the competition.

Pictures of this great LARP can be found here!

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